~!~ BLESSINGS ~ from ~ B.B.R. ~ ABINA ~ & ~ BEYOND ~!~




I appreciate your patience  in reading the following;

But first, I need to tell you about my COPYRIGHT!

*All Rights Reserved*

© 2010-2016 Colettes.wordpress.com


What it says !

All original work contained within this blog belong to Colette are Original Authorship Protected, Copyright Registration Protected, with Publication Pending and by theft-monitored and protected by Copyscape.

…don’t even think about it!

You must ask my permission to copy anything I’ve published on my blog, including  my original authorship,  personal quotes and comments, and photos. 

This does not include the music videos and Bible verses. The scripture I quote is free to copy, a free gift from God.


You can read more about why I’m here under the tab

“Why Blog “……


Comments on: "The Fine Print and Important Message…" (3)

  1. Great post, “”Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” is a good verse to remember when your struggling with temptation.

  2. I am on the Lord’s side. God bless you! Love JWB

  3. Hi Colette!
    Thank you, thank you so much for the wonderful introduction you made on my blog. I appreciate your visit. It changed everything. And the prayer, wow, the passion behind it was great. The authentic truth in it could not be measured. You have no idea how encouraging it was. I love it!

    I came by to release blessing on you and to the work the Lord called you.

    And so father I pray, God that you will move immensely in everything Colette does. Father, make the call and the vision more clearly than it already is. Open the portals of heaven on her behalf, and let the anointing to accomplish this work release. Make it available, Lord at her disposal.

    I also pray, king of Glory, that you make your heart’s desire known to her. She shall not seek nor search for it. Let the agenda to which You have called her be laid bare before her. As she goes forth, everything connecting to this work will take its place, humble itself and align with the Your will. We call out every tongue in the form of a weapon and we shame it. We strip it naked of its power, and we expose it to your glorious light.

    Father, let her enemies bow and become a footstool of Christ. I release the anointing and send it with my sister; as she has surrendered herself to your call, now let her see the manifestation of your purpose. I bless her and cover her under your wings, in the name of the resurrected Jesus, Amen.

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