~!~ BLESSINGS ~ from ~ B.B.R. ~ ABINA ~ & ~ BEYOND ~!~

It’s what I do. Thank you family for standing behind me, offering your advice, pushing me when I feel like stopping and offering your tithes to help children who are truly in need. I can’t imagine life without you, or life without our family helping children without parents. I feel like you have brothers and sisters you have never met. Jake knows what I mean, as does Jordan. But for Jim, Joe and the girls….big and small. Know that you have Sisters-in-Christ who appreciate your clothing donations, craft donations, tea 🙂 and who covet your prayers. They pray for you , also. God Bless you family and friends who have become a part of an extended family in a land considered Paradise. Looks can be deceiving! The majority of people are some of the best I have ever met; but there is an element that continues the cycle of abuse, who preys on innocent victims. Sometimes within their own families and sometimes tourists come especially to violate the vulnerable. This is why I continue to work with the woman with a vision to open and operate a chilcren’s village to save 100 kids from unspeakable acts; to stop the cycle of violence. God Bless You for Helping ABINA, and helping God further HIS PLAN for generations, until His Kingdom Come! Happy New Year!


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