~!~ BLESSINGS ~ from ~ B.B.R. ~ ABINA ~ & ~ BEYOND ~!~

My parents had their children after the Great Depression and World War II, between 1945 and 1954. This is known as the baby boomer era because more children were born after the war than ever before. 76.4 million “baby boomers” made up almost 40 percent of the nation’s population.

Growing up, we were taught to be frugal and save money for a “rainy day.” We were taught to cherish our freedom, value our education, work hard to buy a house and raise a family, and never throw food away!


I have always thought of myself to be a part of the Baby Boomer era. That was until my son and his wife purchased a “mid-century home” in San Diego, California. Their new home is identical to the home my parents purchased in Orange County in 1965. I love it!

I am happy to have grown up in the boomer era, but am honored to wear my new badge of “Mid-Century Mama.”

Yours truly,


aka: Mom, Mama, Grandma in the Red-House, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Wife, Cousin, Friend, Boomer, Nana B’ and the new and improved, Mid-Century Mama..

baby boomers

Today in my daily reflection, I wrote:

Like a tree reaching towards a radiant light, our leaves glisten with vibrant shades of gold and white. Growing ever closer to the Heavens above; we are a living testaments to God’s mercy and unconditional love. Our branches are filled with an abundance of years; a shared harvest of  memories for those who care to hear.  With love from my heart to yours,  Colette 8-31-14


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