~!~ BLESSINGS ~ from ~ B.B.R. ~ ABINA ~ & ~ BEYOND ~!~



…..this song touches my soul and says it all!

 PUSH the arrow to LISTEN…

I love sunrises, sunsets and seeing God’s creation…especially when viewed through the eyes of a child and a camera lens….

 I am the founder of a ministry to help poor, at-risk, abandoned and orphaned children in North and Central America, a mom, wife, grandmother, friend, sister, aunt, daughter-inlaw, mother-in-love, and yes…

A Shutter-Bug !  


GOD’S Word….


food, creative people who can sing, play musical instruments artists, writers, missionaries, soldiers & defenders of the truth, protectors of the innocent, animals, and the things in life that can’t be bought or sold!!

As founder of ABINA Ministries…

I am forever grateful to God for providing a way for our ministry to help children in Costa Rica & U.S.A..

We give thanks to our volunteers & contributors who step-up to help & pray for the children we serve each year.  

Thank you for visiting my blog and for following ABINA’S perpetual work in progress.

In all we do, I pray it will be honoring to our Lord….


There is a time to pray, and a time to act.

A time to listen, and a time to rest.

A time to weigh your options, a time to choose, and a time to speak..

No matter what, my prayer is that we will always use the time we have on earth to do our best; that we do those things that will bless and bring honor to our Creator, His Creation, family, friends, acquaintances, and selves….

Praising God in Costa Rica….

   “The Lord said to Joshua, ‘Stand up! What are you doing down on your face?’” Joshua 7:10….



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